Thomas Sierocinski


Computational biologist




Major research activities/interests

My interests lie in biomarker development, quality control, data standardization and process automation. I work on whole genome bisulfite sequencing data which allows genome wide methylation profiling. More precisely, this involves defining relevant quality control metrics, automating our quality control procedure, data management and standardizing the data format in order to allow efficient data processing and distribution. This aims to facilitate and maximize reproducibility of downstream analysis such as, for instance, biomarker discovery or sample classification.

Selected publications

Mitra AP, Lam LL, Ghadessi M, Erho N, Vergara IA, Alshalalfa M, Haddad Z, Sierocinski T, Triche TJ, Skinner EC, Davicioni E, Daneshmand S, Black PC. A combination of genomic markers and clinical variables provides superior prognostic performances in high-risk bladder cancer following cystectomy. The Journal of Urology, Volume 191, Issue 4, e429, April 2014.

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